May 10 - Summer Starts!

I am now officially on summer break! Now is the time I can start picking projects to work on. My project menu is as follows:

New Line Rei kit:Number one on my priority list, she NEEDS to get painted this summer. There's nothing else to it, she just needs finished.

Yomiko Recast:As much as I'd love to have her done, I literally do not have any more room on my R.O.D shelves to accommodate her. Maybe I'll bang her out as a quick pinning exercise, but shes not very high on my priority list.

Eri Suzuki Repaint: I still don't know what I want to do with her, I need to mock up some color schemes before I decide what looks best. I'm still torn between making another figuresona and making a young Yomiko. I need to find some good pics of her British Library training uniform before I decide if her sculpt is a good pick.

Liroro Blueberry Mouse: A project I haven't quite finalized the plans for, I want to take the Liroro mouse maid figure and paint her to be blueberry themed! I might buy another one for this but I'm nor sure yet. I specifically want to make her into a white footed mouse (a little brownish grey one) because I've had them as pets before

Clay Base for Bijyoid Rem: Quick and easy project, minus drying time, I just need to detail my process as this is something I've been wanting to write an article on since making them for my Haikyuu Managers. I also want to get the technique down since I had some hiccups the first time. I'll probably get started on this early so I have time for it to dry out before taking final pics and writing my article.

30 Minutes Missions Acerby Rei custom: This is a new project I came up with recently, I want to use the head from Acerby B and the body of Acerby C to make a Rei Ayanami robot girl. I need to look into painting movable Gunpla parts first, since that's the most intimidating part of the project. I might need to get my hands on Spinatia Fencer or Assassin so I have some white hip and shoulder joints, otherwise I'm not sure I can paint them in a way that wont peel like crazy. But again, I gotta research.

Gothic Asuka repaint: Not super high on my priority list, but she's a bit scuffed. I would like to add another peg to her right foot though, she only has one and it's causing her to lean a bit. It would also be nice to make her match the base I made better.

Gothic Rei repaint: Oh boy, she needs some work. I generally like her paint job now, but she is horrendously sticky, to the point where I'm not sure I can get it off without absolutely RUINING her paint job. I have plans on now I want to repaint her, I just need to mock them up digitally. I also think a custom pedestal base would be cute for her since I got her baseless and she doesn't really look like the high quality scale she is without one.