Yomiko Recast

I got eBay-ed on this purchase, due to bad product photos I unknowingly got an e2048 recast pf the Yomiko Readman Kotobukiya kit. It's fully my fault, if I had looked a bit longer I'd have noticed it wasnt in the right box but alas. Anyhow, since I already have both the PVC and cold cast scales of Yomiko I want to spice it up and assemble the kit unpainted. I still hope to get the authentic kit in the future and will definitely paint that in my own style but for this one I don't want to invest a bunch of time into a bootleg.

Kotobukiya had an official assembly guide (Waybacked) for this kit which featured these pics of the kit only shaded, not painted. I couldn't figure out why they did this, I think it was just demonstrative? But I think it looks great and shows off the sculpt nicely. I'll pin and assemble it blank first but if that doesn't have the effect I want, I'll opt for the inked look that Koto shows off.